Crafting responses to “That wasn’t sexist.”

I had a nice meeting with a nice man who volunteers his time as a management consultant. At one point he asked about my accountant, referring to my accountant as “he.” I responded “she….” and he had to interrupt me to state “that wasn’t sexist.”

As we ladies so often do, I just blinked and skated on by. Dis shit happen all the time.

How to respond?

  1. Isn’t it great how simply saying “that wasn’t sexist” makes it not sexist? It’s like magic.
  2. You omitted 2 syllables but had to interrupt me with 5. Which is more efficient, Mr Management Consultant?
  3. Yes it was.
  4. Does saying that actually work?
  5. Let’s take a poll and find out.
  6. You appear pretty old, you’ll probably die soon. We don’t need to convince you, we just need to wait.

Author: Tattooed Economist

{seeker, student, teacher, explorer, warrior, companion} My first career was economics professor, specializing in labor, econometrics, and education. I now run Eating for the Ecosystem, Inc. whose predominately-female crews offer landscaping and tree services. Before you ask, most economists are assholes, but most plants are not.

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