I took some online courses

While I am in the process of applying for full-time jobs, I have decided to devote chunks of my time to beef up my skills. I have been going full-force on Coursera, finishing courses in Learning how to learn, Influencing People, Introductory Python, Conflict resolution, and Leadership.

I would highly recommend the Learning How to Learn course from UC San Diego; it is almost perfect. Here’s a little video I put together to illustrate three concepts from the course.

Another gem I took from the course concerns dealing with procrastination by focusing on process, not on product. I have successfully used this mind-trick to ‘fool’ myself into getting to work on many occasions since I’ve learned it. I don’t need to finish, I just need to work! That’s eminently do-able.

Overall, I was disappointed in Michigan’s Influencing People course. It’s from a very traditional white male perspective, employing psychological examples from decades ago. Yes, the history of human behavior psychology is interesting, but what about the world we live in today, with all of its diversity and biases? 

On the other hand, Michigan’s Python course was very good, and I’d recommend it to anyone interested in Python, even if you’re new to coding. The next course in this path starts soon—I’m excited!

I’ve decided to pursue two Coursera specializations: one in Conflict Resolution and another in the Savior-Relier technique of leadership. The content of the conflict resolution track is very good, I just wish it were presented more clearly. I kinda wanna get my hands on that course and help them fix it up, because it could be amaze-balls! And the Savior-Relier stuff is mind-blowing. Finally(!) I have found a leadership style that feels natural to me! It’s all about sensing and relationships as well as critical thinking. I am very excited about everything I will learn in that specialization.

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